Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and Bridges

What Are Crowns?

Crowns are natural-looking caps that are placed over a tooth to restore its shape and size and strength and improve its appearance. A crown is most useful when your tooth is cracked, broken, or decayed. Crowns can be made of all-porcelain, porcelain-fused-to-metal, or all-metal.

When Is a Crown Necessary?

A crown is necessary when a tooth has suffered from severe decay that has compromised the tooth's strength and stability such that fillings or bonding cannot repair it.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are most often recommended after a filling is damaged and when a tooth is cracked or broken. It saves your damaged tooth from further damage while the crown restores the tooth to its normal shape and size. 

The major benefits of dental crowns are as follows:

  • Cracked, broken, or impaired teeth are held together.
  • They can substitute for large or worn-out fillings.
  • Restored fractured or cracked teeth.
  • Work as the visible and functional parts of dental implants.
  • Teeth discoloration and mild alignment issues are fixed, improving the appearance of your teeth.
  • Reshaped teeth.
  • Teeth are protected following a root canal.

What Are Bridges?

A dental bridge is a prosthetic tooth that fills in a gap that has formed between two healthy teeth. The bridge is made up of two dental crowns, which are placed over the abutment teeth, and a false tooth called a pontic, which is held in place between the two crowns.

When Is a Bridge Necessary?

A bridge is used when one or more teeth are missing, and there are healthy teeth on both sides of the open space. The teeth adjacent to the open space are prepared for crowns to which are attached to the pontic, or replacement tooth, to replace the missing teeth.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Bridges?

The benefits offered by dental bridges are as follows:

  • Restored smile and improved appearance
  • Improved chewing
  • Improved speaking
  • The face's natural shape is maintained
  • The teeth adjacent to missing teeth are kept from shifting out of position

What Should I Expect if I Receive a Crown or Bridge?

If you want to receive a crown, the tooth will be shaped and sized. Then, your dentist will take an impression of your teeth that will be used in fabricating a permanent crown that fits perfectly. After you receive your custom made crown, dental cement will be used to keep it secure. 

When you opt for an implant-supported bridge, the restoration will be supported by crowns that are implanted into your jawbone. 

How Long Does a Dental Crown or Bridge Last?

Dental crowns and bridges can last many years when you take care of them properly. However, since both dental crowns and bridges are cemented in place, they could chip or break and need replacement.

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