TMD Treatment

TMD Treatment

TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorders can cause severe pain and limit jaw movement. If left untreated, these disorders can lead to long-term damage to teeth, gums, and other parts of the mouth.

TMJ Disorder: What Are the Symptoms?

TMJ disorder (TMD) is caused by problems with the joints and muscles around the jaw, which can result in jaw pain, headaches, and other problems. TMD occurs in both men and women, and dentists can usually diagnose it after discussing the symptoms and examining the jaw and teeth. The symptoms of TMJ disorder include the following:

  • Headaches
  • Jaw pain
  • Neck pain
  • Earaches
  • Facial pain
  • Jaw popping
  • Difficulty chewing
  • Locking of the jaw
  • Popping or clicking sound
  • Difficulty opening or closing your mouth

Who Would Need TMD Treatment?

If you suspect you have TMJ disorders, you should seek treatment as soon as possible. Untreated TMJ disorders can eventually lead to severe discomfort and other problems, including headaches and chronic facial pain.

You need TMD treatment if:

  • You feel shooting pain in your jaw, neck, or head.
  • Your jaw locks up or becomes stuck, making it difficult for you to open your mouth wide.
  • Your jaw hurts while chewing.
  • Your headaches are getting worse.
  • You have headaches and congestion.
  • Your jaw makes noises when you open and close your mouth, including popping, clicking, or grating.
  • Your jaw gets tired.
  • You have trouble opening your mouth.
  • You have difficulty chewing.
  • Your jaw is tender to the touch.
  • You grind your teeth.

TMD Treatments

Treatment for TMJ disorders varies and may include conservative treatments such as anti-inflammatories, rest, muscle relaxants, physical therapy, or bite guards. If conservative treatment doesn’t work, your doctor may suggest surgery.

If you have mild TMJ disorder, you may benefit from dental guards. These guards are worn in the mouth over the teeth, and they can help to prevent teeth grinding and clenching. In addition, some dentists recommend relaxation techniques, such as yoga and meditation.

    Patients who experience TMJ problems are encouraged to speak with their dentist about treatment options.

    Schedule a consultation with our team by calling the Infinity Dental office or by contacting us online to know more about TMJ disorders and treatments for them. We would be happy to help. 


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